Bodies found in river between Ethiopia’s Tigray and Sudan [sfgate](d.php? President Biden Job Approval Bounces, Defying First-Year Obama Swoon [ibd](d.php? Moderna, Pfizer Hike Vaccine Prices By Up To 25% [zh](d.php? Mollie Hemingway: Partisan Hearings Taking Jan.6 Riot Out Of Context Are A “Joke” [rcp](d.php? CRENSHAW: ‘Socialism Must Be Sent to the Ash Heap of History, It Must Be Destroyed Forever’ [hannity](d.php? Hamas’ top priority in Gaza- protect and repair the tunnels [elderofziyon](d.php? NYT Lies That Trump Pushed DOJ To Declare Election `Corrupt’ [thefederalist](d.php? REPORT: DC Mayor Seen Mask-Free at Wedding Hours After Imposing Indoor Mandate [hannity](d.php? Rand Paul Asks an Important Question That Demands an Answer – RedState [redstate](d.php? Tim Dillon Rants About Naomi Osaka Avoiding Interviews [mediaite](d.php? Dick Morris: Biden approval dropping ‘precipitously’ [oann](d.php? Chicago shootings wound 49 and kill 4 over the weekend – Sara A.Carter [saraacarter](d.php? A.F.Branco Cartoon Long-Hauler [legalins](d.php? After Ordering Indoor Mask Mandate, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser Went Unmasked At Wedding: Report – The Political Insider [thepoliticalinsider](d.php? REPORT: AOC Has ‘Spent Thousands on Security’ While Demanding Americans ‘Defund’ Police [hannity](d.php? Cameroon: Muslims murder 13 soldiers and a civilian in jihad attack on military outpost [jihad](d.php? 5 Things Red-State Governors Should Do Right Now if They Want to Secede From Covistan Permanently – PJ Media [pjmedia](d.php? “It’s Over, It’s All Over” – The Death Of China’s Bitcoin Mining Industry [zh](d.php? Companies Pay New Workers Higher Wages, and Current Employees Ask, ‘What About Us?’ – WSJ [wsj](d.php? Somalia: Muslims bomb soccer team bus, killing three people and injuring six [jihad](d.php? Kamala Harris Is Turning Out to Be Joe Biden’s Biggest Mistake – RedState [redstate](d.php? China in Afghanistan: Trade and Terrorism – The Diplomat [thediplomat](d.php? Kinzinger supports even more subpoenas surrounding Jan 6th riots – Sara A.

Carter [saraacarter](d.php? Masking kids and closing schools is irrational child abuse [nypost](d.php? If you are overly concerned with “safety” you will miss many of life’s greatest joys! [prageru](d.php? REPORT: Portland Unable to ‘Find Police’ to Fight Crime Surge, Murder Rate Spike [hannity](d.php? Watch: Largest group of migrants seen yet crosses border in what is definitely not a crisis [notthebee](d.php? CRT “denies the individual the content of their character and the content of their work.” [prageru](d.php? Donald Trump’s Massive Fundraising Haul Results In $102 Million War Chest – The Political Insider [thepoliticalinsider](d.php? Initial Wuhan lab investigation reveals game-changing new evidence of timeline and cover-up [bizpacreview](d.php? Zuckerbucks Are Tampering With Your Kids’ Education On Top Of Elections [thefederalist](d.php? Mom Rejects Doctor’s Suggestion to Abort One of Her Triplets, “They are Miracle Babies” – [lifenews](d.php? WATCH: A Fiery Defense of Assange – Consortiumnews [consortiumnews](d.php? ‘Horrendous fraud’: Americans ‘elected a shell of a president’ [wnd](d.php? ‘Willing to Go to Jail’: Rudy Giuliani Calls Ukraine Investigation ‘Lawless’ – NBC New York [nbcnewyork](d.php? ‘TRY AND TAKE THIS’: Olympic Athlete Who Made ‘X Gesture’ Dares Committee to Take Her Medal [hannity](d.php? ‘F*ck Your Mask’: Busta Rhymes Says ‘Stop Trying To Take Our Civil Liberties Away’ [caller](d.php? Ted Cruz: ‘There Should Be No COVID Mandates, No Vaccine Mandates’ [breitbart](d.php? The Gay Festival Behind the CDC’s New Mask Guidelines [amspec](d.php? New Report on the Wuhan Lab Details ‘Greatest Coverup of All Time’ by Katie Pavlich [townhall](d.php? The spectacle of Laurel Hubbard is an insult to women – spiked [spiked-online](d.php? The smear campaign against the Great Barrington Declaration – spiked [spiked-online](d.php? (READ) Health care workers protest forced vaccination [sharylattkisson](d.php? Catholic Groups Slam Vaccine Mandates Because There’s No Moral or Religious Exemptions – [lifenews](d.php? Bacon may disappear in California as pig rules take effect [sfgate](d.php? Washington, DC, murders surpass coronavirus deaths in July by nearly 3-to-1 ratio [fox](d.php? Biden Administration Defies Federal Ruling, Processes DACA Applications – PJ Media [pjmedia](d.php? REPORT: 40% of NYC Department of Education employees are unvaccinated – [twitchy](d.php? Obama To Hold Birthday Party For Himself With Nearly 700 People While Some Panic Over Pandemic [dailywire](d.php? Sara Carter called Border Patrol EMTs herself upon finding sick migrant at the border – Sara A.Carter [saraacarter](d.php? Right Direction or Wrong Track – Rasmussen Reports&reg [rasmussen](d.php? World’s Largest Pension Fund Slashes US Treasury Exposure By Record Amount [zh](d.php? Scientism: America’s State Religion – The American Mind [americanmind](d.php? Failed Kidnapping Plot Sheds Light on Iran’s Efforts to Silence American Journalists – Washington Free Beacon [beacon](d.php? BREAKING: Sen.

Lindsey Graham, who is vaccinated, says he’s tested positive for COVID-19.[abc](d.php? WATCH: Gov Cuomo begs NY businesses to ‘go to vaccine-only admission’ – Sara A.

Carter [saraacarter](d.php? French Air Force Completes Upgraded Mirage 2000D Test Campaign In Djibouti – The Aviationist [theaviationist](d.php? If You Don’t Suspect Provocation At The Jan.6 Riot, Start Paying Attention [thefederalist](d.php? Horowitz: Arkansas Gov.Hutchinson calls special session to double down on failed faucism – TheBlaze [blaze](d.php? Lindsey Graham tests positive for COVID-19 despite being vaccinated [caller](d.php? As Expected, the ‘Infrastructure’ Bill Is Packed with Liberal Absurdities by Katie Pavlich [townhall](d.php? Texas Rancher Claims Illegal Aliens Caused $60,000 In Damage To His Property [caller](d.php? Elizabeth Warren: Killing Babies in Abortion Protects the “Functioning of Our Democracy” – [lifenews](d.php? Just say no to the Left’s Fear Porn [cityjrnl](d.php? Nancy Pelosi’s attempt to deflect responsibility for eviction moratorium does not end well for her – TheBlaze [blaze](d.php? NIH Director says masks on children under 12 ‘is a really smart thing to do’ – Sara A.Carter [saraacarter](d.php? Tokyo Olympics: Laurel Hubbard’s huge flop, transgender weightlifter, results [newsau](d.php? Obama holding huge 60th birthday bash despite COVID warnings [nypost](d.php? AOC calls fellow Democrats “cowards” on the eviction moratorium [justthenews](d.php? It was my understanding there would be no masks [notthebee](d.php? Leftist professor mocks blind man at Gaetz rally, Gaetz slams him for hypocrisy [thepostmillennial](d.php? Of nearly $47 billion in rent assistance Congress allocated, only $3 billion has been used [abc](d.php? Watch: Biden’s approval ratings are collapsing swiftly across the board [notthebee](d.php? Olympic shooter accused of being member of Iranian terrorist group after winning gold medal [](d.php? Gymnasts Say They Need Apparatus Warmups Back.That Should Be Enough.[538](d.php? VIDEO: Illegal Immigrants Pouring Across Border With ‘A Lot of Sneezing and Coughing’ by Spencer Brown [townhall](d.php? Poll shows broad support for bipartisan infrastructure bill [thehill](d.php? U.S., U.K., Israel condemn Iranian strike on oil tanker [oann](d.php? DeSantis Signs Order To Stop Schools From Forcibly Masking Children [thefederalist](d.php? Building Your Own Rifle Is the Perfect Family Project – [reason](d.php? Biden admin kicking out 24 Russian diplomats by Sept 3, Russia says [](d.php? Israeli MD analyzes billions of sperm, finds COVID vaccines don’t harm fertility [timesofisrael](d.php? White House Hits July 4 Goal of 70% Adults Vaccinated — in August [mediaite](d.php? Austria: Muslim migrant had machine gun in his luggage, is now on the run [jihad](d.php? I protect your right to fact check Candace Owens [abc](d.php? Newt Gingrich: Nancy Pelosi is the greatest threat to constitutional liberty in our lifetime [fox](d.php? Why Are There New Crypto Rules in the Infrastructure Bill? – [reason](d.php? Neil Oliver: ‘For the Sake of Freedom…’ – Louder With Crowder [louderwithcrowder](d.php? Israeli scientist says COVID-19 could be treated for under $1/day [jpost](d.php? Infrastructure Bill Includes State-Mandated Carbon Reduction Programs [breitbart](d.php? The Dreaded School Supply Lists – The Last Refuge [treehouse](d.php? UAE to give Sinopharm to kids following ‘clinical trials and extensive evaluations’ — RT World News [rt](d.php? Laurel Hubbard, first transgender Olympian, struggles in weightlifting competition [nypost](d.php? Photos show Biden admin holding up to 1,000 migrants under bridge in sweltering Texas heat [bizpacreview](d.php? Lockdown Impact on Children’s Mental Health [ntd](d.php? New infrastructure bill carves out major exemption to buy American mandate [justthenews](d.php? Navy and Marine Exercise to Span 17 Time Zones on a Scale Last Seen During the Cold War [military](d.php? CRUZ: ‘No Damn More’ to ‘Overcontrolling Government Bureaucrats Who Want to Shut Down Our Lives’ [hannity](d.php? Time For The End Of The Teen Gymnast [538](d.php? Half of the tech workforce wants to join a union – Protocol — The people, power and politics of tech [protocol](d.php? MSNBC Contributor Spews HATE: Fox News Is Al Jazeera, Trump Is Bin Laden [nwsbstrs](d.php? The Death Of Commuting [zh](d.php? allegedly kills grandmother, injures 4 others [oann](d.php? Sen.Manchin: Can’t imagine carve-out for filibuster [oann](d.php? CBP Confronts 190,000 Illegals A Month, Many With COVID Released Across U.S.

[lidblog](d.php? How Disney’s Wokeness Makes ‘Jungle Cruise’ Stale [dailywire](d.php? 100-Year-Old Former Nazi Guard To Face Trial For 3,518 Counts Of Accessory To Murder [caller](d.php? Green Deal: Fear of yellow vests rebellion spreads across Europe – Watts Up With That? [wuwt](d.php? Polls: Kamala Harris Is A Complete Disaster As A Vice President – OutKick [outkick](d.php? ‘The Black Man’s Dog’: Harvard academics say fear of pit bulls is linked to racism [bizpacreview](d.php? Trump owed $1 million in tax refund by Chicago, but state’s attorney seeks to block refund – Real America’s Voice News [americasvoice](d.php? Of Course, *This* Would Happen to the Recent COVID Death Toll Figures by Matt Vespa [townhall](d.php? Cook County offering free rides to COVID-19 vaccine sites [trib](d.php? How the Left Has Used COVID-19 to Bankrupt the United States by Stephen Moore [townhall](d.php? Biden approval takes a hit as coronavirus resurges, poll shows [thehill](d.php? “Boston, I’m told, has interest in an Isaiah Thomas reunion.” [substack](d.php? Belarus Olympic sprinter who refused to be sent back to her country enters Poland embassy in Japan [justthenews](d.php? Dozens of migrants rescued in Mediterranean [euronews](d.php? California Biggest Public Sector Union Opposes Newsom’s Vaccine Order [zh](d.php? Washington, D.C., sees nearly 3 times as many murders as COVID deaths in July [wnd](d.php? Inside the Obamas’ $12 million Martha’s Vineyard estate [nypost](d.php? Elon Musk Neuralink Rival Cleared by FDA to Test Brain Chip in Humans – Activist Post [activistpost](d.php? Drone video shows MASSIVE number of illegals being held by border patrol under Texas bridge The Right Scoop [scoop](d.php? US passes 35 million COVID-19 cases [thehill](d.php? Buffalo Bills Reportedly Eyeing Move To Austin, TX – OutKick [outkick](d.php? U.S.offers refuge to more Afghans who aided Americans in new program [reuters](d.php? California May Require Public Colleges to Provide Free…

Men’s Menstrual Products? – PJ Media [pjmedia](d.php? ‘The Chi:’ ‘People of Chicago Don’t Need Policing,’ Reality: 50 Shot This Weekend [nwsbstrs](d.php? This Isn’t ‘Science,’ It’s Deception [thefederalist](d.php? Nation hits 70 percent vaccination goal amid surging Delta variant – POLITICO [politico](d.php? Wuhan Scientists Genetically Manipulated Coronavirus [beacon](d.php? Treasury Department Invokes ‘Extraordinary Measures’ To Avoid Busting US Debt Ceiling [caller](d.php? A Grossly Defective Product.How Strong Is The Economy Really? [zh](d.php? Gantz urges action against Iran ‘right now’ in response to deadly drone attack [timesofisrael](d.php? Two passengers fined $16K for using fake vaccination cards to fly from US to Canada [thehill](d.php? Ten Things I Learned from the Pandemic [frstthng](d.php? Stepping Up: Jade Carey Wins Gold For USA In Floor Competition After Biles Withdrawal [dailywire](d.php? The GOP Should Revolt Against Lame Duck Pelosi’s Dictatorship by Kurt Schlichter [townhall](d.php? Don’t blame Republicans for eviction-moratorium failure, says …AOC – HotAir [hotair](d.php? Obama Planning Massive Birthday Celebration Amid Delta Variant Concerns [caller](d.php? Israel’s Largest Bank Pays $874 Million in U.S.

Tax Evasion Case – WSJ [wsj](d.php? Shaun King moved out of NYC and into a ‘lavish’ $842,000 lakefront home in New Jersey – [twitchy](d.php? Kim Jong Un needs wardrobe upgrade thanks to apparent weight loss [nypost](d.php? Bringing home the bacon may get harder in California [max](d.php? What Is a White Paper? [medium](d.php? Aurum AMA with Blockchain Infinity [medium](d.php? Exclusive: Frank Ocean to headline Coachella in 2023 [latimes](d.php? NYT: White House Forms ‘Influencer Army’ to Convince Young People to Get Vaccinated [breitbart](d.php? Incompetence + Arrogance = Woke › American Greatness [amgreatness](d.php? Goldman Sachs Is Giving Entry-Level Bankers a Nearly 30% Raise – WSJ [wsj](d.php? Rudy Giuliani Denies He Committed Any Crime Amid Federal Probe – Says He’s ‘More Than Willing To Go To Jail’ – The Political Insider [thepoliticalinsider](d.php? U.S.confident Iran carried out attack on tanker -Secretary Blinken [reuters](d.php? Welcome to the Star-Studded Superspreader Obama Birthday Party (No, You Aren’t Invited) – PJ Media [pjmedia](d.php? The details leaked for the MASSIVE $1 trillion “infrastructure” bill and hoo boy is it a doozy [notthebee](d.php? Bases Bring Back Mask Mandates as Coronavirus Variant Sweeps Through Unvaccinated Parts of America [military](d.php? Gantz: Israel will respond to Iran attack when and how it wants [jpost](d.php? Biden administration keeps processing DACA applications, despite judicial order to stop [thinker](d.php? Bombshell Report About Wuhan Lab Released By House Lawmakers… [wz](d.php? Cuomo tells private businesses to switch to ‘vaccine-only’ admission – TheBlaze [blaze](d.php? Larry Kudlow: ‘Green’ energy only makes energy more expensive [oann](d.php? Fla.Gov.DeSantis: CDC wants students in masks forever [oann](d.php? Australia Deploys Army to Enforce COVID Restrictions – Louder With Crowder [louderwithcrowder](d.php? Kathy Griffin has stage one lung cancer [fox](d.php? Laurel Hubbard, Transgender Weightlifter From New Zealand, Knocked Out Of Olympic Contention [caller](d.php? Poll: Faith in gun control laws slipping as violent crime surges in California [bizpacreview](d.php? Cuomo Demands Private Businesses Ban Unvaccinated Customers, Bay Area Imposes Mandatory Masking [zh](d.php? Universities have hired hundreds of diversity officials with little to show for it [thecollegefix](d.php? Dems Brace for Inflation Attacks During August Recess [rcp](d.php? Laurel Hubbard Loses in the Olympics.

– Louder With Crowder [louderwithcrowder](d.php? [Well, Duh.This Is Why It Was Stupid in [Market-Ticker-Nad]] [ticker](d.php? A Satanic Incident in the West Bank [jihad](d.php? Our wretched asylum system condemns heroes to death while welcoming our enemies COMMENT [express](d.php? 88 patients, 0 intubated: Israeli ‘precision’ COVID drug wrapping up early trial [timesofisrael](d.php? Zurich police remove 200 climate activists blocking banks over fossil fuel funding (VIDEOS) — RT World News [rt](d.php? Belarus athlete granted visa to enter Poland after refusing to go home [reuters](d.php? Denzel Washington Gives 100% Answer to Media: ‘Anything You Practice You Get Good At… Including BS’ – OutKick [outkick](d.php? SNP spent £670k on furniture and IT equipment in midst of fraud probe [express](d.php? GOP Senator Lindsey Graham Tests Positive For COVID-19, Will Self-Quarantine [dailywire](d.php? Fully-vaccinated Sen.Lindsey Graham announces he has COVID-19 and is suffering flu-like symptoms [dailymail](d.php? Video shows Chicago Lollapalooza making cursory check of vax cards, waving people through: ‘Our mayor is lying’ [bizpacreview](d.php? Top health official: New restrictions on way amid ‘worrying’ virus case rise [timesofisrael](d.php? Blaming Iran, Blinken vows ‘collective response’ to drone attack on ship [timesofisrael](d.php? Portland police struggles to recruit officers to combat rising murder rate [thepostmillennial](d.php? Titans Safety Kevin Byard, Wife Clarke, Partner With Child Services To Upgrade Nashville Facilities – OutKick [outkick](d.php? Unemployment rate stood at 13.3% in September 2020 quarter: NSO survey – Times of India [intimes](d.php? GB news advertising billboards led by donkeys nigel farage migrants [express](d.php? Amid Driver Shortages, Ride Share Companies Hike Prices By 40% [dailywire](d.php? Washington Examiner To Require Vaccination For All Employees [caller](d.php? All Denver City Employees Will Be Required To Be Vaccinated By End Of September – CBS Denver [cbslocal](d.php? CDC guidelines on indoor masking for vaccinated Americans is causing confusion, backlash – Real America’s Voice News [americasvoice](d.php? Is The CDC A Threat To Science? [zh](d.php? Getting Outside Information Past Big Brother in North Korea – War on the Rocks [warontherocks](d.php? New York ‘vaccine-only admission’? Florida COVID hospitalizations [usa](d.php? EXPOSED: How the NY Times lied about Trump last week [scoop](d.php? Massive 300% Spike in Covid-19 Deaths Recorded by Johns Hopkins University Skewed by Old Data #News [gateway](d.php? Kathy Griffin has revealed that she has lung cancer and will be undergoing surgery [max](d.php? ‘Woke’ RNLI ‘is turning down calls from stricken boaters because it is too busy carrying migrants’ [dailymail](d.php? Donors Bash UNC Over ‘Marxism,’ BLM Affiliation During Nikole Hannah-Jones Tenure Debacle: REPORT [caller](d.php? Megan Thee Stallion Finally Got Her ‘Hot Girl Summer’ at Lollapalooza 2021 [chron](d.php? Dr.Stella Immanuel Launches $100 Million Dollar Lawsuit Against CNN After Being Vindicated on Hydroxychloroquine – Big League Politics [bigleaguepolitics](d.php? Sharpton, NJ Dem take stand for cold, hard cash, claim cash-less businesses are racist [bizpacreview](d.php? Media reports on poll workers facing threats lays ground work for universal mail-in voting [bizpacreview](d.php? Man creates Olympic-themed squirrel obstacle course in his back garden to mark Tokyo 2020 [bbc](d.php? EM Health Expert Talks Corona Kill Shots and Brain Control – Activist Post [activistpost](d.php? Valarie Allman wins discus, first gold in US track and field in Tokyo [usa](d.php? Top social media platforms fail to act on reported antisemitism, study finds [timesofisrael](d.php? Australia extends Covid-19 lockdown in Brisbane, sends soldiers to help enforce quarantine rules in Sydney — RT World News [rt](d.php?

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